Eco-spirituality LS

  1. Plant a contemplation garden
    Spring is the perfect time to plant a garden to honor Mother Mary while caring for Mother Earth and promotingbiodiversity. Cultivating a garden with flowers, fruits, and vegetables provides you and your loved
    ones with healthy food and supports the world’s food sources while enriching the soil, cleaning the air, and
    making use of rainwater runoff. Plus, it helps beautify the world and offers a place of contemplation. People
    can spend time in the garden listening to what God is saying through nature.

2. Nature walk
Contemplate God’s creation while cultivating physical and spiritual health by incorporating nature walks
into your routine, be it by yourself or with friends and family.

3. Procession
Invite your parish community to a procession or walk through the center of your town. You can walk while
praying, singing, making noise, and/or carrying signs with slogans about bringing Laudato Si’ to life and the
need to care for our common home.

4. Say Grace

Thank God for the gifts of creation by saying Grace before and after meals, making this gratitude a daily and consistent part of life. It orients us in relation to the Creator as recipients of God’s blessings. Considercelebrating the annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on September 1 and marking your calendar for the SeasonofCreation, the annual celebration of prayer and action that’s celebrated by Christians worldwide from September 1 to October 4.

5. Prayer gathering

Organize a Rosary for Creation or a prayer gathering. You can also simply get together and sing some songs.

  1. Public meditation
    Unite with three or more people in a public place inyour city. Carry a sign that says “Live Laudato Si”,
    “Laudato Si’ Week”, or other creation care messages you think your community should see.
  2. Laudato Si’ Reading
    Have you read the encyclical? Has it been read in your community? Organize an online or in-person
    event to read, meditate and act on some passages of Laudato Si’.
  3. Get your copy of the official Laudato Si’
    Movement Prayer Book The book has prayers for every moment of our lives, including prayers for mornings and evenings, as well as prayers for special moments, such as prayers for justice and prayers for hope and encouragement. Download a free copy & more information:
  4. Start your own Laudato Si’ Circle
    Laudato Si’ Circles are small groups that meet regularly to deepen their relationship with God as Creator and all members of creation. Together, they pray with and for creation, reflect on their ongoing ecological conversion, and take action.
  5. Enroll in our five-week contemplation training
    Laudato Si’ Movement’s Contemplation Training aims to help individuals and communities to become familiar with contemplation and deepen their practice. “This contemplation of creation allows us to discover in each thing a teaching which God wishes to hand on to us, since “for the believer, to contemplate creation is to hear a message, to listen to a paradoxical and silent voice” (LS 85)

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