The women of the Resurrection

Kitchen Maid with the supper at Emaus by Diego Velázquez (1599-1660)

Picture: Kitchen Maid with the Supper at Emaus by Diego Velázquez (1599-1660) National Gallery of Ireland. LET ME SEE WITH THE EYES OF FAITH, LET ACT WITH A PASSION FOR JUSTICE. Be thou my vision: Introduction Mary Magdalen, who had eyes for Jesus alone, saw him and mistook him for the gardener. Two disciples […]

We are being deceived about plastics.

Plastic production is closely linked with the fossil fuel industry, and the production of petrochemicals. Plastic is a derivative of fossil fuel. Together fossil fuels, plastics and chemicals have been called a three headed monster. The production of new plastic is feeding the climate crisis. There is a campaign of misinformation going on. Most of […]

Choose life!

Widen the space of your tent, stretch out your hangings freely, your ropes, make your pegs firm’ Isaiah 54.2 One of the first readings in Lent reminds us to `choose life that you may live long in the land that the Lord your God gives you.’ ( Deuteronomy 30. v15 -20) It could not be […]

Together on this earth

February is Black History Month, a movement which started small in 1915 in the USA. Gradually links with Africa were re-forged , by the 1940s there was expanding study of black History in schools and in the 1960s the great struggle for civil rights led by Martin Luther King. Today a wider movement has been […]

Caring for the Philippines’ Ethnic Groups

There are 134 ethnic groups in the Philippines with at least 8 groups inhabiting the lowlands or urban centers. Most of these ethnic groups have embraced Catholicism though in practice, they mixed their traditional beliefs with Catholic practices. Until recently, these ethnic groups especially those living in the mountains and remote areas are largely ignored […]

The supreme healing therapy is friendship and love

Introduction One of the most beautiful graces that we can receive from God is the grace of saving the life of our fellow brother or sister. We at Jivhalla Assumption Social Centre [JASC] were given this wonderful blessing when we had the grace of being instrumental in saving the life of a teenage tribal girl […]

A Brighter Future

Something is stirring. Amid the dark and gloom of the continuing pandemic, illness and death, the economic disruption and loss of livelihoods something is emerging, trying to be born. It is the possibility of a brighter future, born of what Christiana Figueres calls `stubborn optimism’. She knows it is not too late and that working […]

Life-sustaining civilization

To make the shift towards a “life-sustaining civilization”, we need a perspective that goes beyond anthropocentrism; we need to learn to “act our age” and so experience the vitality of our interdependence with past and future generations and to the entire cosmos.[1] “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched […]