Caring for the Philippines’ Ethnic Groups

There are 134 ethnic groups in the Philippines with at least 8 groups inhabiting the lowlands or urban centers. Most of these ethnic groups have embraced Catholicism though in practice, they mixed their traditional beliefs with Catholic practices. Until recently, these ethnic groups especially those living in the mountains and remote areas are largely ignored […]

The supreme healing therapy is friendship and love

Introduction One of the most beautiful graces that we can receive from God is the grace of saving the life of our fellow brother or sister. We at Jivhalla Assumption Social Centre [JASC] were given this wonderful blessing when we had the grace of being instrumental in saving the life of a teenage tribal girl […]

A Brighter Future

Something is stirring. Amid the dark and gloom of the continuing pandemic, illness and death, the economic disruption and loss of livelihoods something is emerging, trying to be born. It is the possibility of a brighter future, born of what Christiana Figueres calls `stubborn optimism’. She knows it is not too late and that working […]

Life-sustaining civilization

To make the shift towards a “life-sustaining civilization”, we need a perspective that goes beyond anthropocentrism; we need to learn to “act our age” and so experience the vitality of our interdependence with past and future generations and to the entire cosmos.[1] “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched […]

This is the decisive decade

This is the most decisive decade in the history of humanity. As I write this it seems over dramatic even though `normality’ has been fractured by the presence of the virus and behaviours have had to be changed rapidly in the face of multiple deaths much and suffering. Yet it is true, this is the […]

Journeying in hope

As the Season of Creation draws to a close the journey continues. Despite the terrifying signs of climate disruption, Amazon fires, melting of Arctic ice etc, whether or not we hope for success, we must continue the journey. There are signs to encourage us: one is the recent document from the Vatican, `Journeying towards Care […]

All of Creation lives by God’s breath of life

All of Creation lives by God’s breath of life (2:7; 1:30).  All of Creation came to be from the power of His word. Sharing a common origin, all creatures in the web of life are intrinsically interrelated and interdependent. The God of Creation is a God who has entered into relationship with Creation and “has […]

Post-Pandemic Transformation: Building a Mutualist Future

By Marina Gorbis, Executive Director, Institute for the Future Weare at Ground Zero — individually and as a society. COVID-19 has been the shock that is making many of us rethink life plans, reset expectations, change how we see what (and who) is essential. As a society, we are trying to grapple with an unending stream […]

A unique window of opportunity – nothing is inevitable…

CoVid-19 has transformed our world within such a short time it is stunning. The threat to life was there and most governments acted decisively, and most people complied with the radical changes demanded of them. It is likely that ne result will be a remarkable 5.5 reduction in CO2 emissions this year. Yet people have […]