Encouraging news from England in Laudato Si Week

Very many thanks for underlining for us the importance of the celebration of five years of the great encyclical by Pope Francis, ¬Laudato Si’. It is even more relevant today than its was when it was written especially with the opportunity to create a new normal’ as the pandemic recedes, hopefully a more kindly, equitable […]

After Covid 19…. what?

In the conversation between God and Satan in the book of Job Satan says a man will give away all he has to save his life. But stretch out your hand and lay a finger on his bone and flesh……I warrant you he will curse you to your face’. But now at this time it […]

Ordinary becomes extraordinary!

by Susanne Lachapelle Editor’s note: More than 1.6 billion people worldwide live in substandard housing. Of those, at least 150 million have no home at all. In this special series, A Place to Call Home, Global Sisters Report is focusing on women religious helping people who are homeless or lack adequate shelter. Over the next […]

New Zealand responding to the Coronavirus 19

New Zealand 205 cases on March 25 could have grown to 10,000 by now without the actions we have taken. Some countries said NZ is ‘setting a very ambitious goal trying to eliminate the disease completely from its shores. NZ border closers was introduced mid-March a ‘dramatic’ move from the country whose economy depends on […]

Ireland: Thoughts on Coronovirus

In no other period of human history has the world been so united. This is not because of the plans or efforts or power of any human effort, but simply because a hitherto unknown virus has invaded human space and is more or less colonizing humanity. No matter how powerful any leader believes himself or […]

The Book of Job 38-42: Transformative Encounters through Creation

While recognizing the beauty of this text, some scholars portray the Divine as the proud bully who outtalks Job and is indifferent to his sufferings. Kathleen O’Connor, however, shows the significance of Job’s experience of beauty and the wild freedom of Creation and Creator, while Dianne Bergant focuses on the awesome God manifested through the […]

New York: the epicenter of this global pandemic in the United States

Consequences of COVID-19 on our families There was a Boston Globe editorial on March 30 that describes the extent of this grasp in the US in these words: “As the American public braces itself for the worst of this crisis that the reach of the virus is attributable to a colossal failure of leadership. It […]

COVID-19: Toward authentic security rooted in nonviolence

The following reflection was written by Marie Dennis, a member of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative executive committee and senior advisor to Pax Christi International‘s secretary general. She served as co-president of Pax Christi International from 2007-2019. The coronavirus has upended communities around the world, threatening livelihoods and lives, forcing a previously unthinkable change in daily […]

Dominican Farm & Ecology Centre County Wicklow, Ireland.

In the 1990’s a small group of Irish Dominican Sisters with courage and wisdom set about establishing an ecological project on their school grounds surrounded by 70 acres of land situated on a hillside overlooking the Irish Sea a short drive from the capital city of Dublin. Today their project is providing a model of […]

Ecology and liturgy

“Today there is an acute pathology inherent in the system that currently dominates and exploits the world : poverty, social inequality, the exhaustion of the Earth and the severe imbalance in the life system. The same forces and ideology that exploit and exclude the poor are also devastating the whole community of life and undermining the […]