The incarnation, the event that inaugurates the restoration and the divinization of humanity and Creation

The Incarnation – mystery of the Word made flesh, taking on the body and face of a human being – demonstrates the same project of love as was at the origin of Creation. It constitutes a bridge between God and humanity, and between God and the created world. Through it God is able to restore humanity and the whole of Creation. “Creation is a process [1]that takes place throughout the history of the created world.” This unfolding is the way to an experience of the vision of the reality of God and the created world. It also shows the final goal of Creation. In effect, it is “the coming of Jesus which offers us the greatest revelation concerning the significance and reason for Creation and each stage gives us more understanding of the finality of the world, and with greater clarity, its reason.[2] In fact then, Incarnation gives the world and its history all its sense. And the process of restoration goes along with a recognition of our identity: “heirs of God, coheirs with Christ and sharing his sufferings so as to share his glory” (Romans 8, 17). We are children of God committed with Christ to a new life.

Everything is like “Creation waiting with eager longing, the revelation of the children of God” (Romans 8, 19); humanity too is groaning and hoping for this liberation.

Extract from `Towards an eco Assumption’ 3 b 1. Mary Claire Isifi r.a.

[1] Keith Warner OFM, 1998, from the translation from the English: Damien Gangloff


[2] Idem/



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